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Monitor your cold chain
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What we do

Monitor your shipments


Our paper-thin sensors log temperature every 15 minutes giving you insight into the temperature of your package throughout it's lifecycle.


The sensors are provided in pre-paid envelopes that go in your boxes. These envelopes direct your customers to place them in the mail.


Upon receiving the envelopes, we scan the data off of them and provide you with a dashboard displaying the temperature inside your boxes.

What you will learn

Our service

Real world data

Unlike simulation chambers, we capture real-world data. You will see how you boxes perform with different routes, weather, products, distribution centers, and more.

pack-out performance

Learn what types of pack-outs perform better than others. What are the major factors? How much does void space matter? What optimizations can your make?

quality and consistency

We track hundreds of boxes so you can see the consistency of your operation. Gain confidence that every customer is getting the best possible experience.


keep your customers happy and save money

Warm on arrivals

Lower your “warm on arrival” error rate. Improve your customer experience and increase long term customer value.

Ship less coolant

Lower your logistics and material costs by being more precise about the amount of coolant put in each package.