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How it works

Coolant predictions based on


We forcast and account for the weather in our ice predictions, so you don't under ice in a heat wave or over ice through the winter.


Our predictions are specific to each of your routes, so you save money in the New England winter and safely ship in the Texas summer.

SKU Details

Our algorithms are tailored to your specific SKUs, so you're shipping the right amount of coolant for each of your products.

What we do

Our service

Temperature logging

Our algorithms learn from real world data - not simulations. We ship temperature logging post cards with your products, and use the data to learn how your products and packaging performs in the wild.

Coolant API

We provide an API that outputs coolant predictions based on tracking numbers and SKU information. We will work with you to conveniently integrate into your existing operations.


keep your customers happy and save money

Warm on arrivals

Lower your “warm on arrival” error rate. Improve your customer experience and increase long term customer value.

Ship less coolant

Lower your logistics and material costs by being more precise about the amount of coolant put in each package.