Box-by-box Coolant Prediction

Don’t gamble on product quality - optimize the coolant in every shipment.
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Lower coolant spend

Our average customer saves > $1 per box in material and logistics costs alone. Stop over-icing while still being confident in your shipments.

Decrease customer credits

Identify shipments that will have excessive heat exposure and make sure they're packed appropriately. Eliminate warm-on-arrival re-ships.

Optimize your carrier service

Only upgrade to 2-day or 1-day services when you need to. Use the predicted heat exposure to make informed decisions.

Peace of mind

Automatically account for changes to the weather and routes, so you can focus on everything else. Know you're doing the smart thing.

Reduce carbon footprint

Less material and less weight translate to lower carbon emissions. One pound of dry ice becomes 230 liters of CO2 after sublimating.

Lower churn

Decrease bad experiences with your product. Not every customer gives you a second chance - make sure they don't need to.

How it works


Thermal model

We create a thermal model based on the temperature data collected, tailored to your product and pack-out. This model considers box sizes, insulations, coolant amounts, transit times, ambient temps, & humidities.


Coolant prediction

For each box you're shipping, we specify the amount of coolant to be used. This prediction is based on your thermal model and the weather forecasts along the predicted route for the box.


OMS/WMS integration

We integrate directly into your OMS/WMS systems and write coolant predictions back into your system, so your operations team can use them. The integrations also collect the information needed to develop the thermal models.


Continual monitoring

Optionally, your team can insert temperature cards a percentage of your boxes. By continually surveying the thermal performance, we can get ahead of any potential product quality issues and refine the thermal model.


Cost savings

By being precise with the amount of coolant used, you can save money by reducing: (1) the amount of coolant used and the related shipping costs, and (2) the number of warm-on-arrival refunds and related churned customers.

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