Single-use temperature sensors

Monitor your product's temperature - from dock door to doorstep.
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See the whole story

Temperature data is automatically associated with your shipment's tracking data. Understand how your box performs through the entire journey.

Tracks temperature over time

Temperature is logged every thirty minutes. See the temperature at all the critical moments: packing temperature, delivery temperature, and open temperature.

Paired with location and weather data

Understand the heat exposure along the delivery route. See when your box reaches sort centers, and identify any heat spikes.
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Data collection made easy

A simple process that allows you to be confident in your operations and decisions.

Live lane testing

Qualify your boxes in real-world conditions - not the chamber. Easily export temperature graphs for accreditation.

Sensor thousands of shipments

Make decisions on statistically significant data. Our simple process allows the sensors to be deployed at scale.

Detect heat and cold-shock

See how the temperature changes over time. Set thresholds for upper and lower limits and ensure your product remains within spec.

See the route and weather

See when the box was packed, shipped, and delivered. Easily identify delays, extreme weather, and box open times.

Confidently respond to complaints

See the product's temperature at delivery and at box open time. Understand if it exceeded your temperature thresholds and for what duration.

Identify packing issues

See abnormalities in the temperature graphs like high initial product temperatures, early pack times, and more.

Product quality indicator

Take the guesswork out of reships.
Build customer trust
Ensure safety standard compliance
Respond confidently to customer complaints
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How it works

Simply place the sensors in the box.

How it works

Thermal Data Collection Made Easy. Simply place the sensors in the box.

Nothing beats real-world data

Keep it Cool Sensors
Indicator Stickers
Chamber Tests
Customer Complaints
Employee Boxes
Low cost
Ease of use
Logs temperature over time
Detects cold shock
Proactive analysis
Low false positive rate
Real world data
Statistically significant
Can be
Built in analysis
Reliable data
Builds customer trust

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